Edison Wetlands Association hosts over 1,000 visitors to the Triple C Ranch each year. Groups include schools, homeschools, churches, adult education, civic groups, senior groups and scout troops. With the Triple C Ranch as their outdoor classroom, students see the wonders of nature firsthand, in a way rarely experienced in crowded Central Jersey. Whether seeing our farm animals, discovering diversity alongside the trails, or sweeping a net throughout the flowing waters of the Bound Brook, the Environmental Education program provides knowledge and memories that students will carry with them for a lifetime.


Dismal Swamp Ecotour:

Approximately: 1-1½ hours

Starting from the Triple C Ranch, the biologist-led tour explores the many visible ecosystems in the Dismal Swamp. Learn to identify animal tracks, scat and calls. Habitats explored include freshwater wetlands, wooded wetlands, forested uplands, vernal pool, wild meadow, river and pond.


Birding Basics:
Approximately: 1-1½ hours
Stop, Look and Listen. These three steps help identify the birds around us. Learn about the different habitats, species and their important niches in the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area. Learn how to attract birds and get hands-on in creating new habitats.


Turtle Talk & Walk:
Approximately: ½ – 1 hour
Many different species of turtles live in the Dismal Swamp, from the dinosaur-like snapping turtle to friendly red-eared sliders. Get a hands-on approach to learning about these turtles. Maybe you’ll even spot Snappy T. Turtle! (Spotting turtles in the wild is best from March – October.)


Macro-Invertebrate and Water Quality Studies:
Approximately: 1 – 1 ½ hours
Explore different aquatic ecosystems on the Triple C Ranch and in the Dismal Swamp. Help “Agent H20” do a survey of the different macro-invertebrate (no backbone) organisms found within those water systems. Be prepared to get your hands wet!


Farm Tour of Triple C Ranch:
Approximately: ½ hour
A meet-and-greet with the animals that call the Triple C Ranch their home! Get an up close visit with Shorty the pony, Edison the pig, our 5 goats, and many more animals! Visit the TripleCRanch.org to learn more about our animals friends.

Garden Growers:
Approximately: 1- ½ hour
The community vegetable garden at the Triple C Ranch takes lots of time and energy to properly maintain. Learn how gardens are grown, and get hands-on experience with their upkeep! The bonus: depending on the season, you might get to enjoy the fruits of our labor strawberries, tomatoes and other home-grown organic treats!


Volunteer Nature Cleanups:

Approximately: 30-45 minutes
Help keep the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area clean and green! Join a staff member to pick up debris and litter. We also offer fun ways to learn about recycling! EWA provides gloves and bags.


Customized Visits:
Field trips to the Triple C Ranch and Dismal Swamp Conservation Area are available by appointment for students of all ages. When possible, Edison Wetlands Association seeks to offer customized field trips for school, camp, youth, scout and religious groups.

Important to note for all programs:

*Programs can be altered according to the age of the participants.
*An appropriate number of adult chaperones must accompany all student groups.
*All visitors are encouraged to wear boots and weather-appropriate clothing.

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