Welcome to the Johnson County, IN Community Page!

An informed community is critical, though navigating complex and voluminous technical and regulatory information can be grueling. The Edison Wetlands Association (EWA) has created this page for all invested in protecting human health and the environment in Johnson County, IN and is continuously updating this page with educational resources, documents, and community involvement opportunities pertaining to Johnson County environmental and human health investigations. These tools will serve to increase meaningful community involvement and public accessibility to information.

Please check back regularly for additional announcements and as we continue to build this page to highlight our work in your community and our success stories in many other communities throughout the nation.

Resources & Documents
Our First Issue of the Johnson County
Community Technical Summary
Johnson County
Community Health Questionnaire
Download In-state Board of Health Memo 9-6-1985
Picture to go under Site-By-SitePicture for Community Technical SummaryJohnson Health Question
Download Site History Memo 3-15-1985 Download Community Technical Summary 3-1-18Download Health Questionnaire Here
Download Potential Haz Waste Site Prelim Assessment EPA 9-9-85Download End notes for Community Technical Summary 3-1-18